How it works

Personal Alarms

 Straight out the box

No more engineers. No more landline speaker boxes and no more installation. The Mobile Medical Alert System (Personal Alarm) is programmed before we send it out to you - this eliminates any confusion and allows family and friends to set up their elderly loved ones from anywhere in the UK.

Personal Alarm

Unlimited Range

A Mobile Medical Alert System (Personal Alarm). Works in every room of your home, outside in your garden and anywhere on the streets in the UK. Yes, you can take it to the supermarket, and in an emergency, a professionally trained response operator will talk with you directly through your Personal Alarm. This also works with our Family SOS Plan; directing a call immediately to any/all nominated contacts with additional SMS Texts, Push Notifications and back-up Email Notifications.


Customer Testimonial & Constructive Feedback
“Thank you, First Line Protect! The last alarm I had was the type worn around my neck and connected to a box via the landline, but it wouldn’t connect even a few feet outside the house. The woman whom I spoke to via the responder box could only hear me when I was in the same room. Due to the medication I am on, which causes me to have a severe loss of balance - I was concerned about the fact she couldn’t hear me if I went anywhere in the house and fell. I don’t have a family to contact so I must have access to a 24/7 Emergency Response Centre.”
— J Howells